2017 Giant Black Marlin Season on the Great Barrier Reef | MOTHERSHIP

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2017 Giant Black Marlin Season on the Great Barrier Reef | MOTHERSHIP

We’re nearing the end of the heavy tackle giant black marlin season charters on the Great Barrier Reef as we head into the summer months and the festive season.

The giant black marlin season officially kicked off in early September with our Sports-fishing Expedition on the Ribbon Reefs. Utilising our fleet of vessels, BELUGA played host to both of our game boats, ZULU with Captain Casey Dent the helm and LEVANTE with Captain Chris (Sharky) Miles on the wheel. This was a special first-year offer for our loyal clients being able to fish on one of the game boats and share BELUGA with the other game boats’ guests. Popper fishing the reefs, jigging, bottom fishing and of course heavy tackle marlin fishing were all on the agenda. LEVANTE caught the first official grander black of the season on Linden Bank weighing in at 1111lb!


October was a busy month with both mother-shipping trips and luxury cruising ventures around the Lizard Island region. The fish life for both scuba diving and fishing is extraordinary at this time of year and our guests have been smiling from ear to ear in awe of the beauty on the Great Barrier Reef.


On another note, our new 40ft Assegai Express MINKE launched in October and has been working alongside BELUGA with great success. Captain Daniel Radcliffe went 3-2-2 on his first afternoon out with the heavy tackle and has consistently caught fish on her other trips out. MINKE is available as a package deal when booking your trip on board BELUGA.


2018 is kicking off with a bang as we prepare to head down the south coast of Queensland for a Coral Sea exploration trip. The famous Yongala wreck off Townsville is on the itinerary along with the Swain reefs region and possibly as far out as Frederick & Wreck Reef which is located over 220NM (410KM) north-east of Gladstone (Click here for map). Scuba diving and fishing is the main focus so were excited to get out there and see what lurks beneath the surface. Stay tuned!


We have some big plans for 2018 including an expedition around the top of Australia to the Kimberleys and overseas to Papua New Guinea and the Soloman Islands. BELUGA may have charter opportunities in these regions so please contact us or subscribe to our mailing list here if this is of interest to you and we can keep you updated on the dates and itinerary options.


Let us tailor your Great Barrier Reef experience and see what all the fuss is about!


Happy cruising,