The Great Barrier Reef awaits!

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The Great Barrier Reef awaits!

Dreaming of an ocean escape after this year of chaos? We concur!

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a year to cross off the calendar, but as we approach the year’s end, it’s a great time to start thinking about the festive season and new year to come. Whilst it might seem early days to start planning a 2021 adventure, we have a sneaky suspicion that when the COVID-19 restrictions finally lift, everyone will be scrambling to get away from home and craving a much needed HOLIDAY so let us help you plan that perfect tropical escape!

There is a silver lining to having tourism operators and vessels sitting in their berths for much of the year and that is that the Great Barrier Reef has had some ‘alone time’… time to replenish and thrive without many visitors of the human variety. It also means that should you plan an end of year GBR experience, you’ll likely have much of the reef to yourself!

Check in with nature on a more personal level and ‘wash away’ the year that was, so to speak.

Cairns, Port Douglas, Cape Tribulation and the Daintree are all awaiting you. The summer months are a fantastic time to visit the Mossman Gorge and bathe in the fresh creeks and waterfalls that inhibit much of the Daintree region. Kick back in one of the many tropical resorts or eco retreats enjoying the sounds of lively rainforest then step on board your luxury superyacht BELUGA for an exclusive Great Barrier Reef experience like no other.

Cruise, snorkel, dive, fish or simply sit back and unwind in the privacy and comfort of your floating oasis whilst exploring one of the seven natural wonders of the world. What do you think?

Let us tailor your oceanic luxperience!

– Team Beluga